Sermons 2017


  • Christmas Day, 25 December. ‘A Child is born’. Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Advent Sunday, 3 December. ‘The Crisis upon us’. Dean Andrew Hunter.


October, Month of Stewardship and Dedication

  • Week 1, Pentecost 17: 1 October. ‘The spirituality of giving’ The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter.
  • Week 2, Pentecost 18: 8 October. ‘Generosity Giving’ Sub-Dean Mzinzisi Dyantyi.
  • Week 3, Pentecost 19: 15 October. ‘The blessing of giving’ (I) Prof Paul Walters. (II) Mr Ronaldo Burger.
  • Week 4, Pentecost 20: 22 October. ‘Dedicating our whole lives to God’ Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Pentecost 13, 3 September. Induction of Head Chorister and Choristers. ‘Burning Bushes’. Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Pentecost 11, 20 August. Theological Education Sunday, St Paul Komga. ‘People of Hope”. Dean Andrew Hunter.

July – August Sermon Series

  • Week 1, Pentecost 7: 23 July. ‘Christian Marriage’. Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Week 2, Pentecost 8: 30 July. ‘On being single’. Sub Dean Mzinzisi Dyantyi.
  • Week 3, Pentecost 9: 6 August: ‘Homosexuality’. Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Week 4, Pentecost 12: 20 August: ‘Principles for appropriate sexual behaviour’. The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter.


  • Pentecost 8: 30 July. St Peter’s Cradock, Olive Schreiner Karoo Writers’ Festival. ‘Healing and hope and Karoo beetles’. Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Pentecost 2: 18 June. Fathers’ Day; Youth Sunday, Corpus Christi Sunday; Bernard Mizeki Martyr. “Held in love”. Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Day of Pentecost: 4 June. “The gift of the Spirit for this kairos moment”. Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Easter 7: 28 May. “Where do we stand?” Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Easter 6: 21 May “Our faith in the public square.” Dean Andrew Hunter. Includes reflections on the SACC Unburdening Panel report.
  • Easter 5: 14 May. “Remember who we are … become who we are called to be”. Dedication of the Rose Garden, St Cyprian’s Highlands (Celia Jameson Rose memorial). Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Easter Day: 16 April. “The Resurrection of Christ.” Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Maundy Thursday: 13 April. “Love one another”. Dean Andrew Hunter.

Lent Sermon Series 2017: Pearls from the Old Testament: The Grace and Mercy of God

  • Lent 1: 5 March. “Temptation and Tragedy”. Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Lent 2: 12 March. “God’s Call and Invitation”. Dean Andrew Hunter.


  • Transfiguration Sunday: 26 Feb. “In Jesus the full glory of God is revealed and encountered”. Dean Andrew Hunter.

January – February Sermon Series

  • Week 1: 15 Jan, 1 Cor 1: 1-9. “Interpreting the scriptures: The call to be holy”. The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter
  • Week 2: 22 Jan, 1 Cor 1: 10-17 & 3:1-9. “Follow my leader! – Divisions in the church”. The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter
  • Week 3: 29 Jan, 1 Cor 1:18-31. “We proclaim Christ crucified.” Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Week 4: 5 Feb, 1 Cor 12:12-27. “But I’m just a Baby Toe, Cikicane!- One body, many parts: where do I fit in?” Dean Andrew Hunter.
  • Week 5: 12 Feb, 1 Cor 8:1-13. “Have you eaten food sacrificed to idols?!” “No, so what has this got to do with me?” The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter
  • Week 6: 19 Feb, 1 Cor 14:26-40. “Women be silent in the churches!” – No place for women at worship?” The Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter
  • Notes on Interpreting the Scriptures, a handout by the Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter
  • Works Consulted