Restoration of South Windows, 2017

Summary of David Manning’s work on the South Wall windows of the Cathedral of St Michael and St George

At the previous restoration of the windows in the South Wall (about 30 years ago), the diamond panes had been set into the lead strips without putty. This affected the waterproofing on the windows, and made the panes very vulnerable to damage. The greatest part of David Manning’s work this October has been to brush linseed oil putty into the lead surrounding each diamond. The opening panels were buckling and had to be removed and strengthened. The large wooden frames which surround and hold each window had to be stripped, sanded and repainted. The good news here is that the wood is still remarkably sound, though needing regular painting and maintenance. David found a number of small panes had been damaged (probably from stones thrown up by passing cars). These have been replaced by panes painted to match the originals. The complete the restoration, outside double-glazing of all four windows is needed for their long-term protection. We will proceed with this as funds become available. We are deeply grateful to the estates of the late Beth Dickerson, Eleanor Barker and David Hodgson, plus thank offerings from present members of the congregation, which have made this work possible. To God be the Glory.

Paul Walters
Alternate Church Warden