Gallery 2019


St George’s Fair, 2 November

St George’s Fair coincided with the final of the Rugby World Cup in Japan, in which South Africa was victorious against England. Fans attending the Fair were well catered for, with a large screen set up in the Deanery yard.


Patronal and Harvest Festival, Dedication Sunday 27 October

Spring Tea for Seniors, 5 October

Farewell lunch for Dinah Flani, 1 October

Cathedral youth at Taizé Conference in Cape Town

Special Prayers in violent times, 8 September

Celebration of Dean Andrew Hunter’s Doctorate, 16 June

Graduates were encouraged to wear their robes for a procession, and the choir sang “Gaudeamus Igitur” as they processed in.

Rhodes Graduation, April

Ayanda and Theo

Namso Nyamela with Pat and Sally Terry

Ayabulela Matolweni

Anelisa Kelemi

Ogone Mokobe

Percy Chinganga

Ordination of Priests, 16 March

Pancake Pandemonium, Shrove Tuesday 5 March

Mothers’ Union Fundraiser, Saturday 2 March