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Come in, browse around, make yourself at home! From contact details of the Cathedral staff to lists of forthcoming Sunday services, interesting information about our beautiful building, and lots of news (and archived news) of People and Places connected to the Cathedral family – it’s all here. Click on ‘Videos’ on the side menu to hear some of the music of Grahamstown Cathedral.

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The late Michael Künz of Growing the Church in Cape Town set up this site for us. We thank God for his life and contribution to the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

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Latest News

Spring Tea for Seniors

On 5 October the young people of the parish hosted a Spring Tea for seniors in the Deanery garden. The sun shone, the theme was floral, and a good time was had by all. For more pictures, see our Gallery.

Farewell Lunch for Dinah Flani

Mrs Dinah Flani has worked at the Cathedral office for 40 years, cleaning, fetching post, making tea and seeing that everything runs smoothly! Now she is to retire at the end of the year. The parish gave a farewell lunch in her honour on 1 October. For more pictures, see our Gallery.

Provincial Synod: Discussions and resolutions

The Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa met in September 2019. To read about some of the important issues discussed and decisions made, click here.

Cathedral represented at Taizé Conference in Cape Town

The brothers from Taizé in partnership with churches in South Africa hosted a nationwide youth event (ages 18 – 35 years) from 25-29 September, the Taizé Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth, in Cape Town. Accommodation and meals were provided. Ten young people from the Cathedral attended. Archbishop Thabo Makgoba visited the conference, and you can read his address to the young people here. For more pictures, see our Gallery.

Gold Medal award for Chris Mann

The Newsletter of the English Academy of Southern Africa included in its July 2019 issue an article about the Gold Medal awarded to our Artist-in-Residence Chris Mann, together with the Citation and his acceptance speech – which was partly in poetry! You can read these here.

Multi-media presentation about the Cathedral: ‘Masithi Amen

Sarah James, a Rhodes University journalism student, has just completed a project titled ‘Masithi Amen’. This is a multimedia story on the Cathedral of St Michael and St George which was completed over approximately 6 weeks. It provides a rounded picture of our Grahamstown Cathedral community, including interviews and music as well as pictures and text. Do take the time to explore ‘Masithi Amen‘ – best enjoyed on a laptop or desktop computer.

Special prayers in violent times

On Sunday 8 September our 9:30 Eucharist began with the young people processing with posters, and a special ceremony of prayer with lighting of candles. We were remembering with love and sadness those who have recently died in attacks on women, children and foreigners, and praying to God to use us in turning the situation around. For more pictures, see our Gallery.

Dean Andrew Hunter writes on the State of the Nation

The cruel and terrible rape and murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana, a UCT first year student, has shaken us all to the core. We are a nation in mourning and rage, horror and despair. Her death at the hands of a member of our civil service, in the middle of the day, in a suburban post office, has come to represent so much of what is wrong with our country, our society: a man with a criminal record, using his position to lure a young woman into his government office, his place of employment, to then assault, rape and murder her. This as yet officially nameless person has destroyed not only the life of one of our own. He has all but destroyed her family. But he has also burst the fragile bubble of complacency in which we have been living, with regard to the extent and scope of gender-based violence in our beloved country. Click here for more…

Cathedral choristers wanted!

The Cathedral choir is recruiting. If you are interested in joining and becoming part of a team of talented musicians, we would be pleased to hear from you. Initial enquiries may be made to the Director of Music Cameron Luke (062 987 0397, call or SMS) or the Choir Intern Kutlwano Kepadisa (Kepa — 078 869 0880).

Bell Ringing and Access to the Cathedral Tower

Want to go up the cathedral bell tower? Would you really like to be a bell ringer?

We welcome visitors to the bell tower but would ask that you always contact a bell ringer to lead you or your guests into the ringing chamber – for your safety. Furthermore, only a bell ringer is able to demonstrate ringing to you and your experience is not complete without seeing this! We try not to leave the bells in the (dangerous) position of being ‘rung up’ after we leave the Tower but sometimes this is necessary -especially with the heavier bells which weigh more than 500 kg and take time to get into a position for ringing. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

We hope to be able to teach ringing later this year so please let us know if you are interested. Contact Catherine Letcher (073 613 9114), or Cameron Luke (062 987 0397).

Thank you. Catherine Letcher, Richard Tyson, Fiona Semple and Cameron Luke.

For more about the Cathedral Bells, go to our Bells page.

Anglican Consultative Council passes Environment resolution

The Anglican Consultative Council, meeting in Hong Kong in May, passed an important resolution on the environment. The resolution recognised that there is a global climate emergency and requested that churches develop action plans and resources for sustainable living. Read more…




Cathedral Vision

We believe we are called to be a vibrant, attractive, diverse, welcoming, all age community of people who seek to follow Christ.
The Cathedral’s ministry seeks at all times to be obedient to the call of God through Jesus Christ.

Key Performance Areas

  • Worship
  • Pastoral care and building community
  • Families, children and young people
  • Teaching, discipleship and evangelism
  • Mission, ministry and outreach
  • Administration, communication and oversight
  • Cathedral plant and physical environment
  • Dedication and stewardship

Latest Publications


Letters from Bishop Ebenezer Ntlali

A special letter dated 6 September 2019 concerning the levels of violence in South Africa, both against women and children, and against foreign nationals.

In an Ad Clerum dated November 2018, Bishop Ebenezer addresses the important issues of Safe Church, Pastoral Standards and the Archbishop’s Commission on Theological Education.

Diocesan Intercessions

Daily prayers of intercessions and thanksgiving for the Diocese of Grahamstown for October 2019.

Umbuliso/ The Greeting

Umbuliso, the newsletter of the Diocese of Grahamstown for Easter 2019 can be downloaded as a pdf.

By Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

Pastoral letter to the Diocese of Natal after Bishop’s Resignation: 29 September 2019.

Charge to Provincial Synod: 24 September 2019.

28 September 2019: Address to the Taizé Conference, Pilgrimage of Trust, in Cape Town.

20 September 2019: Address at the Cape Town Climate Change march.

7 September 2019: Message from the Archbishop condemning South African attacks on other Africans.

31 July 2019: To the Laos – to the People of God. The Archbishop’s latest letter addresses the issue of the army being sent in to restore order in Cape Town townships, among others.

Cathedral Annual Vestry Meeting 2019

The Annual Vestry Meeting took place on 17 March 2019. To read the Reports which were tabled, click here.

Statement of Welcome and Affirmation adopted by the Vestry Meeting.

Growing the Church

GtC Partnership letter, 26 August 2019.

GtC Update Newsletter

For further publications of the ACSA and the Diocese of Grahamstown visit our Publications page.