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Cathedral of St Michael and St George

Worship Services

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What to expect on your first visit.

The Sunday 7.30 am service

An Anglican Prayer Book 1989 (AAPB) is used once a month and A Book of Common Prayer - South Africa 1954, known as the South African Prayer Book 1954 (SAPB) is used on the other three or four Sundays, with hymns. It is supported by 30 to 50 people, depending on the season and the weather, mainly elderly, traditional in their liturgical and musical preferences and very faithful to "their" church.

The Sunday 9.30 am service

The AAPB is used, with a sung setting, greater diversity in language (albeit largely symbolic) and in music (frequently marimbas, occasionally led by the choir, with classical choral settings at some festivals). There is a sense of informality, enhanced by the presence of children from the Sunday school for the latter part of the service, and by boys from the Street Children's Home some of whom play in the marimba band. It is seen as "the main service of the day" and is the one most likely to be attended by University students, visitors to the City (who are many, as they bring, visit and fetch their children to and from the schools and university, and include people attending the National Arts Festival and university conferences), tourists and occasional local worshippers.

The Sunday evening services

Services on Sunday evenings may be at 5 pm or 7 pm or both. These services vary in style depending on the time of month and the university calendar. A tradional choral evensong with full choir, anthem, sermon and organ voluntary is sung twice a month during school terms. In keeping with modern trends towards diversity in worship, during universtity term time, more informal worship services led by and for Rhodes university students. A Eucharist service for students is held monthly at 7 pm.

The 7 pm service is preceded for up to an hour by change-ringing from the Cathedral belfry with its full peal of ten bells

Daily Services

Daily services are held in the morning (eucharist) and in the afternoon (evening prayer - usually led by a lay minister) from Monday to Friday, with a eucharist and healing service on Tuesday at 5pm. Congregations tend to be very small except for the Tuesday healing service.

Feasts and Festivals

Feasts and festivals which fall on weekdays e.g. The Ascension, are celebrated with the eucharist and liturgies, at the high and nave altars as are appropriate to the day.

House churches or prayer meetings

These take place in several homes in the parish on a regular basis throughout the year, and are augmented with other members during the Lent season, involving fifty or more people participating in planned courses.

Worship in the Cathedral