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Cathedral of St Michael and St George

Festival Programme 2007

Spirit Fest 2007

Arts in in the context of Faith. Drama, Music, Church Services, a Video Installation and Lectures, culminating in Songs of Praise conducted by Richard Cock.

All events are in the Cathedral unless otherwise indicated.

The focus of faith is emphasised at the Cathedral in:


Red George by Peter Krummeck (author/ actor/director)

Red George is adapted from the diaries of the London Missionary: 'Red' George Barker. Set in and around Grahamstown, circa 1815 - 20, it is a fascinating and entertaining piece of theatre. Directed by Denise Newman. Featuring Peter Krummeck

  • Ages: 10+ - 1hr 15mins

    CATHEDRAL: 3 July 20:00; 4 July 20:00; 5 July 20:00; 7 July 20:00. Full: R65 (R75 for premiere on Tues 3 July @ 20:00)


    Organ Recitals

    Organist: Christiaan Carstens

    Christiaan Carstens will present a varied programme of organ music spanning four centuries, from the 17th to the 20th, and consisting of music by Buxtehude, Bach, Denis Bédard (a contemporary French-Canadian composer) and other composers. Each recital will be concluded with Franck's highly popular Choral nr. 3 in A.

  • All ages - 1hr 10mins

    CATHEDRAL: 3 July 17:00; 4 July 15:00. Full: R 35 - Students: R 30 - Friends: R 33. Block: R 33

    Bells and Verse

    The popular Cathedral Handbell Group will present "Bells and Verse"

  • All ages - 45mins (retiring collection)

    CATHEDRAL: 29 June 13:15; 2 July 13:15; 4 July 13:15; 6 July 13:15

    Cathedral Marimbas

    Music performed by members of the Cathedral congregation, including boys from the Eluxolweni Shelter for Street Children.

  • All ages - 45mins (retiring collection)

    CATHEDRAL: 3 July 13:15; 5 July 13:15

    St James Choir

    The choir from St James Cathedral in Toronto (Grahamstown's Link City in Canada) will be visiting and performing in our cathedral. They will sing at the Festival Eucharist and will perform in one concert, when they will sing a variety of well known songs, both secular and religious.

  • All ages - 1hr 20mins

    CATHEDRAL: 2 July 17:00. Full: R40 - Students: R35 - Friends: R38 - Block: R38

    Festival Eucharist: 1 July. at 9:30-11.00

    Gospel Scene

    Gospel Scene Trinity Hill Street is an impressive line up of music presentations by local artists including the gospel groups, Voice of Glory, Still4Eva and Rhini's Finest, as well as Open Arms (a gospel opera). These performances will be preceded by workshops on various aspects of musicology facilitated by music legends.

    TRINITY CHURCH: 29 June 19:00, 30 June 19:00; 6 July 19:00;7 July 19:00. Full: R10

    Songs of Praise

    This exciting and well loved participation/ performance, directed by Richard Cock will take place at the cathedral on the last day of the Festival.

  • All ages - 2hrs

    CATHEDRAL: 7 July 15:00. Full: R60

    "To know Him" concert

  • Voice Of Glory Choir

    Voice of Glory's "To know Him" concert, is an exposition of local African gospel talent in the home of the Arts Festival. The concert promises gospel music with an authentic sound giving full expression to the multi-cultural nature of Grahamstown society, as well as moving lyrical content. Directed by Samantha Mundeta.

  • All ages - 1 hour. Premiere

    TRINITY CHURCH: 28 June 17:00 & 19:00; 29 June 17:00 & 19:00; 2 July 17:00 & 19:00. Full: R35 - Students: R30 - Friends: R30 - Block: R30

    Art Exhibition

    Life Songs

    A video installation by Chris Mann & Julia Skeen. Life Songs incorporating art work, music and words into a unique whole. This holistic art work places environmental issues within the framework of an installation.

    Open daily between 11:00 and 15:00 & 18:00 and 21:30


    No entrance fee, donations gratefully accepted.

    VENUE: Cathedral - Durations: 1hr

    Culture. The Midwife to Religion.

    In this lecture Chris de Wet advances the theory that it is culture (i.e. ideas, values and behaviour, learned and transmitted in a social context) which not only makes us human but which makes religion possible.

    Presented by: Chris de Wet, Professor of Anthropology at Rhodes University

    Date: Monday 2 July at 11:00-12:00

    The Dawkins Delusion

    A philosophical critique of Dawkin's latest anti-religion polemic "The God Delusion"

    Presented by: Francis Williamson, lecturer in Philosophy at Rhodes University.

    Date: Tuesday 3 July at 11:00- 12:00

    The Impact of Chant: From Monasteries to Jazz

    Presented by Brother John Forbes,OHC, an Anglican Benedictine monk in the Order of the Holy Cross.

    Date: Wednesday 4 July at 11:00-12:00

    Cosmology and Genesis: A two part Harmony between Science and Scripture

    Presented by: Peter Rose, Professor of Biotechnology at Rhodes

    Date: Thursday 5 July at 11:00-12:00

    The Bill of Rights - A New Golden Calf?

    Presented by: Adv Keith Matthee

    Date: Friday 6 July at 11:00-12:00