Publications of the Grahamstown Cathedral

Weekly Pew Leaflet

The pew bulletin published for the weekly Sunday services is available for download, usually on Fridays

A Guide and Short History

A facsimile reprint of Grahamstown Cathedral: A Guide and Short History by Charles Gould (1924) with updated information and a new introduction by Jeanette Eve.

Rudiments of Grace

Chris Mann. Rhodos 2011.

‘Rudiments of Grace’ is an imprint of the Cathedral of St Michael and St George and is an anthology of poems by Professor Chris Mann; it “is the story of a secret love affair.”



Annual Vestry booklet 2017

The Annual Vestry Meeting of the Cathedral Parish took place on Sunday 12 March 2017 in St George’s Hall, after the morning Eucharist.

Publications of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Celebrating the Seasons: Themes and Symbols of the Christian year

This book by Dr Andrew-John Bethke, Director of Music at Grahamstown Cathedral, offers “a well researched and clearly presented journey through our liturgical year and observation of seasons and major feasts and symbols” (the Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, Rector of the College of the Transfiguration).

Other Publications

Anglicans against Apartheid by Bob Clarke

Anglicans against Apartheid records the witness against apartheid of Anglican Church leaders, and assesses the importance of their contribution to the liberation of South Africa.

It gives an overview of the recurring themes of the church-state conflict during the tenure of eight Archbishops of Cape Town, starting with Francis Phelps in 1936 and ending with Desmond Tutu, whose term as Archbishop of Cape Town concluded in 1996. The focus is mainly on the Archbishops of Cape Town, and some other notable Anglicans.