Arms of the Cathedral of St Michael and St George Anglican Compass Rose

Cathedral of St Michael and St George

Address given at evening prayer on 15 November 2015 by Ms Carole Vicent as a response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris

I woke up on Saturday morning and I discovered the horror of what happened in France the night before.

Seven simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris left 129 innocent people dead, 352 injured, 99 of them critically. This is the worst terrorist attack in France’s history. In the name of who? In the name of what? Nothing can justify the inhumanity of these killers.

The terrorists not only wanted to kill people but once again they wanted to destroy what represent France and our culture. In January, with the massacre at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, it’s our freedom of expression which was attacked. On Friday, they attacked the French way of life.

France is the country of Freedom, the country of Human Rights and nothing will take that away from us. Now, it’s time to be united. That will be our strength.

But today I am not only thinking of French people, I’m thinking of Lebanon where 43 people died after two terrorist bomb attacks on Thursday. I’m thinking of Syria and the war, I’m thinking about all of the refugees who flee the horror. I’m thinking about all of the atrocities in our world and I’m worried… I’m worried for the future of humanity, I’m worried for the future of our children…

Carole Vicent