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Cathedral of St Michael and St George

Results of Homosexuality Opinion Poll 2012

An opinion poll was carried out at the cathedral to canvas people's views on homosexuality as part of an engagement on the topic that included

A clear majority of those who cast a vote in this opinion poll are in favour of a more accepting attitude to homosexual people

total33  114  13  49  182 


  1. I believe that homosexual orientation is a disorder, but that through the grace of Christ people can be changed, although not without pain and struggle.
  2. I believe that relationships between people of the same gender should not include genital expression, that this is the clear teaching of the Bible and of the Church universal, and that such activity (if unrepented of) is a barrier to the Kingdom of God.
  3. I believe that committed homosexual relationships fall short of the biblical norm, but are to be preferred to relationships that are anonymous and transient.
  4. I believe that the Church should accept and support or bless monogamous covenant relationships between homosexual people and that they may be ordained.

Please note that this survey was conducted in order to reflect where we are as a Cathedral. The results will not change official Anglican policy on the matter. At the moment we acknowledge that the Anglican Church of Southern Africa is in the process of dialogue and this survey contributes to that.